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Happy Father’s Day!

Jesus’s physical father taught Him to be a master builder of earthly things but His spiritual Father was a master builder of not only spiritual things but everything ……  In total solitude He divinely & miraculously created the earth and all that it needed to function and when the first Adam failed, God of the universe robed himself to be born into flesh, and given a name above every other name, Jesus!   He began a building project that is still in process thru the Holy Ghost today!  He wants to build His will in each of us, and although he has to tear down some things in our lives to begin the work, He is focused on a beautiful end result!   Master Builder’s are finishers, and He will finish what He started in each of us!  Thank you to the anointed men of Gumpoint Court of Praise who stayed faithful to the place & plan of God’s will for them where the Lord planted them.

On behalf of Bro. Vincent, (who would be so proud and thankful), thank you to the faithful men of our church family who are honest & diligent enough to get back up every time they fall, it takes true courage and commitment to allow the Lord to use life’s adversities, hurt and even your own mistakes, to bring you to the altar of the Lord and on to victory every time!  By the grace of God and application of his word, you have seen the fruit of your labor and you are able to be Godly proud with a clear conscience, that while living in a perilous day you have learned how to walk carefully and grow in character and love for the one true God and the Salvation message that led you here. Thank you for dancing with the God that brung you and thank you for honoring your leaders by serving & growing in the church that the Lord planted you. Thank you for not ever intentionally wanting to hurt what God loves. So many are blessed because of your obedience to the Lord’s will for your life.