Pastor W.H. Vincent

We give honor to our late Pastor, Rev. W.H. Vincent on this first Father’s Day that we face without him . 

In his eyes, we’ve seen God’s love.  In his words, we’ve heard God’s wisdom and thru his life we found God’s hope & grace.  He was a father to many.  He was pure hearted and real.  He delighted in the laws and truth of God, and all who really knew him still love him today.  One of the things that he said often was “Reach for the next soul!”  He cared for the broken, wounded and bound.  He protected and defended the widow and fatherless and he ministered to them in their affliction.  We are left with a great commission and tremendous shoes to fill but we will stand up to the challenge and we will press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus! 

Thank you Pastor W. H. Vincent, for being the example that you taught us to be and thank you for loving each one of us before we could prove that we were worthy of it.  We will strive to be a church of brotherly love.  We will keep the doctrine that the Lord died to give and we will diligently work to lay upon the foundation & vision that Bro. Murphy, Sis. Melba and you so graciously laid for this place that we call home!