God’s Permissive Will or God’s Grace?

It was not God’s perfect will that Jonah refused to obey God; but it also wasn’t God’s perfect will that Jonah perish.  When his shipmates threw him off the boat because his disobedience was affecting their peace, it wasn’t the devil that sent a vehicle directly to where Jonah was- that could breathe under water and carry him to God’s perfect will.  Whether his shipmates or the residents of Nineveh liked it or not, the Lord permitted Jonah to live.  And although Grace is hard for us church folk to accept for ourselves or to use for others– it isn’t hard for God because He already died for it.  God doesn’t use Grace sparingly.  Thank God!  When we step outside of His perfect will, as every child of God has at some point, He amazes us with His Grace.  God, help us be publishers of the very Grace, Peace, Love, Hope and Truth that we depend on for ourselves!  The people that are the most guilty of secret sin are the ones who hold the highest standards for others; and the people that aren’t perfected in God’s Love are the same people who are too bound by fear to use their faith to access God’s Grace when they need it.  Peter used Faith alone to access Grace; and Judas died by the lack of Faith in repentance and God’s Grace to forgive.  Although Grace has been abused and misinterpreted in our religious world, it’s none of our business; and we will answer for our own.  Don’t let your disobedient brother’s and sister’s mistakes corrupt your innocence and faith in God’s Grace, because your belief in it could be what saves you when you reach an uncontrollable place that life brings.  Grace is still what saves me and you.  The more we give it out, the more we get it for ourselves!

Romans 5:2 By whom also we have access by faith into the grace wherein we stand, and rejoice in hope of the glory of God