“God-esteem” in a “self-esteem” generation & world

If you were drowning , would you reason with the one who can pull you up out of the noisy waves?  While smothering, would you smite the hand that offers you  sweet oxygen?

Without a change, without help, without a savior, without a plan…….  No man & no woman can do enough good to redeem what sin will do without the Spirit of the Lord living inside of them, God-around-us isn’t enough to make us right.   No sacrifice will ever become a loop hole to prevent us from needing the repentance that God died for us to use.  God’s plan is not an abstract piece of art that is left to private interpretation.

God came to earth to be “used” even though he knew that it would require being abused.  If the Lord was willing to do all of that to produce the good news of the plan of salvation, then why would HE want that plan to ever change?  This world has not waxed warm with love for their Creator, but instead it’s waxed cold and in desperate need of saving!

Blessings are not prophesied to those that maneuver, pervert, distort, add to or take away from the Word of God in it’s original context & perception that it began with from the beginning.  He is the Rock of Ages, and the Bible says “For I am the Lord, I change not.” To serve HIM is to serve what HIS goal was and is as God, and not to serve our version of godliness!  To be a Christian is not defined by how much scripture we quote, how righteous we look or act, but to be a Christian is to love the Lord so much that we are willing to deny ourselves, pick up our cross, follow and change to be LIKE HIM!

I need the redeeming blood of Jesus Christ!  It took HIS blood years ago before the world became what it is now and it most certainly will take the application of HIS BLOOD, HIS PLAN, HIS WORD, HIS SPIRIT, HIS CHARACTER, HIS TRUTH AND HIS LOVE today !

I accepted HIM as my personal Savior long before I loved HIM or truly wanted to obey HIM, and worshiping HIM indeed helps me to feel better and it can get HIM to draw nearer to me, but being LIKE HIM is what HE died to give you and me.  HE wants to adopt you, give you HIS name, and exchange your DNA for HIS divine nature….. as we truly receive HIM in fullness of who HE is and what HE wants, we then become HIS, and when we are HIS, it is not hidden, it will show and we will become a “God-esteem” type of person in a “self-esteem” generation & world.  Just think of how much better a God-phone would be instead of an iPhone.