About Us


Gumpoint Court of Praise is a place where refuge can be found in the Word of God and the love of His people.

The church was founded in 1934 because of a miracle of healing and the gratitude that the miracle produced has been the driving force and undercurrent of the people that attend now.  The Bible says that “Pure religion and undefiled by God is to visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction and to keep oneself unspotted from the world.”.

We would love for you to come and worship the One True God with us.  Join our church family as we strive to not only love each other but to be a hope to the hurt, lost and barren of our world.


Somehow this place was home and a family for my family before I ever even walked through the doors.  So when I finally did visit for the first time, I never did leave – and I’m still here today!  It’s a wonderful place full of real people who do not expect perfection from each other.  They are not in competition against each other, but instead, they are striving to love each other the way that the Lord loves – because God Is Love!

We preach the salvation message of Acts and we function in the gifts and workings of the Spirit of God that the Apostle Paul taught to the churches of the epistles of the New Testament.  We witness the Power of the Holy Ghost work as families are restored, and lives are changed!

Gumpoint Church is a great place for kids to grow in their relationship with God and they will find relationships with friends that last a lifetime.  The church gives opportunity for young people to develop musical ability among many other talents that are shared throughout the congregation.

The location is peaceful and the skyline is awesome, but the biggest blessing about it, is that God Almighty shows up and moves miraculously to heal hearts and unshackle seen and unseen chains of sin and bondage!